AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking

What is the AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking System?


In the rapidly evolving landscape of transportation and logistics, ensuring the safety and efficiency of vehicles is paramount. The AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking System has emerged as a revolutionary solution, providing real-time monitoring, tracking, and communication capabilities for vehicles. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of the AIS-140 system and highlight the contributions of Acute Communication in this domain.

What is AIS-140?

The AIS-140 (Automotive Industry Standard 140) is a set of standards introduced by the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) to enhance the safety and security of public and private transportation systems. The AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking System is a key component of this standard, aimed at ensuring the efficient management and monitoring of vehicles.

Key Features of AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking System

1. Real-time GPS Tracking: The system enables real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing fleet managers to monitor their location and movement accurately. This feature is invaluable for optimizing routes, ensuring timely deliveries, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

2. Emergency Button: AIS-140 mandates the inclusion of an emergency button in vehicles, providing passengers and drivers with a quick and direct method to alert authorities in case of emergencies or unforeseen situations.

3. Panic Alarm: In critical situations, the panic alarm feature can be activated to immediately notify the control center of potential threats or emergencies, allowing for swift response and assistance.

4. Geo-fencing: AIS-140-compliant systems often include geo-fencing capabilities, enabling the definition of specific geographical boundaries. Alerts are triggered if a vehicle deviates from its designated route, providing an additional layer of security and control.

5. Tamper-Proof Design: The system is designed to be tamper-proof, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the data collected. This is essential for maintaining the trustworthiness of the information transmitted by the vehicle tracking system.

Acute Communication's Contribution:

Among the leading providers in the field of AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems, Acute Communication has distinguished itself with its commitment to innovation and quality. As a trusted name in the industry, Acute Communication offers comprehensive solutions that meet the exacting standards of AIS-140.

1. Cutting-edge Technology: Acute Communication leverages cutting-edge technology to develop robust and reliable GPS tracking systems. Their solutions are designed to withstand the challenges of varied environments, providing uninterrupted service under diverse conditions.

2. Customized Solutions: Recognizing the unique requirements of different industries and businesses, Acute Communication provides tailored solutions to meet specific needs. This customization ensures that their AIS-140 systems seamlessly integrate into the existing operations of their clients.

3. Compliance and Certification: Acute Communication takes pride in ensuring that its AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems comply with all relevant regulations and standards. Certification from regulatory bodies adds an extra layer of assurance regarding the quality and reliability of their products.


In conclusion, the AIS-140 GPS Vehicle Tracker plays a pivotal role in enhancing the safety, security, and efficiency of vehicular operations. Acute Communication's commitment to excellence and innovation makes them a trusted partner in providing reliable solutions in compliance with the AIS-140 standards. As the transportation industry continues to evolve, embracing advanced technologies like AIS-140 becomes imperative for staying ahead and ensuring a safer and more streamlined future.